Busy busy busy

hey people , so i haven’t been posting a lot since January, and i do have reasons for that but I don’t want to put it out there on the blog, anyways i wanted to share this song. And say happy Friday

Emeli Sandé- Read all about it

New year a new me again ?????

So people always say “New Year, New me”, but don’t we say that every year? So this year I’m going to say New Year & I am still the same person. Every year people set goals and never achieve them or they keep them for the first month, then they go back to their old ways again. I’m one of those people, so this year I’m not going to say “New year new me”, (I never said that…..) I’m going to say “New Year and I need to get my ish together”, so I put together a couple of   personal goals and then a couple of blog goals. If a person have been saying “Oh new year new me “since 2005 and you haven’t accomplished anything since 05 then you need to get yourself together because you will probably not do anything in 2014 either.

So here are some tips on how to stick to your goal

  •   Set realistic goals
  •  Don’t treat the New Year as a new year, treat it like an ordinary day, but this day you are making a change in your life.
  • Don’t write down 15 goals, I have 5 goals for 2014. It’s better to have a couple of goals than to have a lot of them ( it makes sense )

♥ Beatrice


From google

From google

So it’s 2014 and my 2013 has been the weirdest year ever. My year last year ended where it’s beginning in the south of Sweden, I moved back home which means that i’m going to be posting a lot more pictures.

This year is all about me, i’m going to let my hair grow out and just take care of myself . this year is all about me.  ♥ Beatrice